The person i am today!

my Mission

I have built a private and public community for adult lifestyles.

My experience and background allowed me to obtain Coaching skills in building Lifestyle Choices. I am here to encourage and support others in their visions and dreams of an amazing lifestyle. I am here for individual’s, couples or groups seeking to empower themselves with confidence to expand their desires. I will be there to assist you in building and maintaining your lifestyle. I am an expert on expanding your imagination.

Everyone is accepted here.

We are all working on improving our lifestyle choices. This community is accepting of all, encouraging of all with the freedom to express being paramount in a safe space.

my skills


Debbie Gina

Happy Lifestyle Designer

I am a diverse person that is interested in the enhancement of my clients quality of life. Therefore, I have mastered subjects such as health, wellness, fitness and happiness points.


  • Bikini competition winner (NPC)

  • Life Coach

can do:

Many of my clients enjoy multiple services designs to enable them to reach their optimal happiness scale.

  • Skin Care Educator

  • Girlfriend , boyfriend/Support

  • Reiki Healer Confidant

  • Nutrition Educator

  • Build Through Teamwork

  • Strong Mental Attitude

  • NPC Competitor Competing with oneself NOT others

  • Fitness Educator Listener

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Gleeful Experience Designer


  • Elite master’s degree

  • Certified health coach

  • Certified group personal coach

  • Certified fitness trainer

  • Functional nutrition – Digestive system

  • Reiki practitioner

  • Licensed educator in Esthetics and Cosmetology

How i work:

After you enter my site, we can decide together to schedule you by:

  • Calendar Appointments via website


  •  Phone Call Sessions

  • Email Sessions

  • Virtual Sessions

  • In Person Safe Space Sessions, Requires interviews and identification